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Millennium Talent online Information.

Dear Talent we offer our talents exclusive and non-exclusive contracts in which you must select one. We have such a large database, we recommend that you please fill out as much information as you are able to. The more information that you specify the easier a search will be to  find you a good contract/deal and also provide Millennium agents, talent agents and our clients  with needed information so that your time and theirs is not wasted.

NOTE: (Usernames on the system must be unique, pick a username that has numbers in the name so this name is unique to you)

NOTE: Information such as Street Address and Phone Number are NOT listed in any query results that are generated from a search. This information is kept in the database for contact purposes only and will not be shared with clients without your consent (consent must be in the form of an E-Mail from you) and will only be released on a case by case basis.

If you encounter problems with the database submission process please e-mail us at   Information  Managers   with the details.
Please do not submit your portfolio twice – if you would like to make changes to your portfolio you can (e-mail will be sent to you on the successful completion with instructions on how to update your portfolio or any information and changes).


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